7 deadly mistakes to avoid in Digital marketing

Digital marketing has become a tool for creating brand visibility online. It utilizes technologies and the online space to market products, owing to the fact that a whole lot of people are active on the online space, it breaks the barrier of distance in business and reduces stress.

However, digital marketing could turn sour if certain areas are not given attention to.

Mistakes in digital marketing include:

1. Starting without proper strategy

Digital marketing is something that should have undergone series of feasibility study before you begin. The online space is so vast that you can get lost easily.

Getting to know the right social media platforms for your brand, having clearly defined goal(s) for your business; if you know what or whom your business aims at making sales will not be difficult, always post with purpose and consistency, know who your competitors are and conduct a SWOT (Strength, weakness, Opportunity, threat) analysis before launching.

2. Ignoring feedbacks from customers

Feedbacks go a long way in assessing your business brand, pay attention to customers feedbacks and take corrections from there.

Ignoring customers Emails can cause harm to your business too; if possible, invest in other resources that would be incharge of taking care of Emails and feedbacks.

3. Generalizing communication for every customer.

Naturally, people feel special when they are recognised or when their special moments like birthdays are recognised. Attaching a personal name instead of using words like ‘client or customer’ will go a long way in  bringing customer loyalty to your brand..

4. Focusing on paid advertisement

Over spending on paid advertisement will not do much good to your business. Learn to invest in Digital marketing tools such as development of high quality content. Improve your designing of your website landing page. Share some relatable stories with your customers, and employ high quality staff. These are some things that can help build your business that paid advert cannot do.

5. Setting unattainable goals

Goal setting is one tool that can help build a business but when unattainable goals are set it becomes disastrous. For instance, expecting your brand to attract more than 200,000 people in your first month of operation.

Set attainable goals by observing past trends and other similar businesses working in your industry.

6. Ignoring your website

As a Digital marketer, your website is like your office. You cannot expect audience to stumble upon website unless it is promoted to drive traffic. Invest in promotion, SEO and developing high quality content and paid adverts.

7. Missing your target audience

Missing out on your target audience will only yield low sales. Check out your increasing audience online and know who they are, revise your marketing communication to make e more appealing for the actual audience.


Digital marketing can be interesting and profit yielding if appropriate tools are used and certain mistakes are avoided.

It should be taken care of just as we take care of our physical office.

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