7 business ideas for women

Women, sometimes are being restricted to certain careers or job opportunities due to their marital position and duties. And in some cases are not permitted to do certain businesses.

However, there are businesses that women can do without it affecting their roles and time spent with the family.


Business ideas for women:

1. Tutoring

Women who can teach well can do very well in tutoring. They can use a space in their house where other parents can send their children to learn during weekends or holidays.


2. Child care

Women naturally can take care of kids and little children. They can turn this into a business by taking care of other children whose parents are away at work or do not usually have time for their children.


3. Event Planning

Just as women plan homes and other activities that go on in their homes, they can take up to plan events (weddings, naming ceremony and graduation parties).

Planning events can be a way to add to the income of the family without being away from home for too long.


4. Cleaning business

A cleaning business is a type of business that women can do with or without a school certificate. It can involve cloth laundry or cleaning other peoples houses f pay.


5. Baking

With the knowledge of knowing how to bake, a woman can take up the baking of birthday cakes and pastries for other people. The baking business is such that will still give a woman the opportunity to spend time with her family and can be fun and educating to do with the kids.


6.   Clothing boutique

This is a business that can be best done by omen because they know what is best in terms of clothing and accessories, implementing this skill will help them do well in the business of a clothing boutique.



7. Cooking classes

Women who can cook can create visual classes or live classes to teach people who are interested in learning how to cook.

They can as well produce manuals and recipes and sell them to people who may want to buy them.


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