7 best apps for graphic design

Graphic design have been made easy for designers due to the way technology is moving in this age.

Almost anybody can be a graphic designer these days all it requires is to have a little knowledge about it and keep practising, with the types of apps available one can easily navigate the person’s way through graphic design.

Certain apps that help in graphic design are;

1. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post app gives you the opportunity to create designs using templates. The app has social templates posters and web pages. Adobe Spark Post app bid different from Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. Also, the basic features if the app is free.


2. Canva

Canva is a popular app among graphic designers these days. It has templates for every design, with these free templates, you can customise your own images. Canva is a tool that is nice for starters and one of the best graphic design app for saving cost. Some of the templates come free while others do not.


3. Pixellab

Graphic designers do a lot of work with pixellab, you can manipulate images and texts using pixellab. Pixellab is free and easy to use.


4. PicsArt

It is a super complete drawing app that let you colour your imagination and creativity. It is a free app and has amazing designs to try out.


5. Infinite painter

A Painting app with natural brushes and  tool. It is one of the most advanced painting app. It helps to create beautiful paint collections. With infinite painter app, you can create beautiful pictures and come up with an eye-catching design.


6. Snappa

Snappa is a graphic design app that brings together free images. Professional graphics and a drag-and-drop design editor. The features in snappa are limited as you are expected to pay for some.


7. Pixlr

Pixlr app for graphic design allows you to play with a handful of effects, borders and overlays for free. It does the work of a photo editor and can resize images. Pixlr is not a tool for making experimentation or creating something that transcends its original image.


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