6 Reasons why your business should be on social media

Business, today has evolved from just being offline to having an online presence. Interestingly, some businesses do not have an on site/offline presence but are doing well online.

Social media handles like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are not only for the purpose of catching cruise or chatting but an opportunity to pitch your business for potential customers to buy online.


The importance of having your business in social media is worth knowing.

1. Easier reach to potential customers

One good thing that the social media does for business owners is that it already has customers online, so there is no need to go about looking for customers.

All you need to do is the have the right strategy to attract them to your business.

Social media also helps customers to research on the product they intend to buy and make their choice before making payment.


2. An Easy way to build relationships with customers

The social media handles enables business owners to interact with customers by creating opportunities for customers feedback and reviews.

It also serves as a good Medium to have customers informed about new products or usage of products.


3. Easier way to market your brand

With your brand logo, e-flier or content all over social media, people find it easier to identify your brand without stress because it is absolutely the same in different platforms.

So it attracts them to patronise from you if not at the first instance, it will be in subsequent times.


4. Does not cost much to start

Unlike starting a business offline, and the cost of procurement of equipment and space, all you need to start a business online is to get the said goods and a good phone and data.


5. Larger audience

There are billions of people who visit social media in a daily basis, leverage on the number of audience out there to get more sales.

In bid to get more traffic to your business, you may need to run paid business ads to reach a larger audience because the number of people you intend to reach out to may be limited in your page.


6. Open 24/7

Businesses that have online presence in social media are always open 24/7 there will be no case of a closed shop for the day.

Customers will always be able to access whatever they need without leaving their houses.


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