6 effective ways to take real estate photograph

Real estate photograph can be a very lucrative gigs fir serious shoots. Just like fashion photograph, real estate photograph should have high-quality images to make good impression about the property.

Real estate photographs should be prepared to spend time and resources in making properties look nice.


This post will guide real estate photographers to avoid making mistakes often beginners make.

1. Clean up every room and declutter all unnecessary property. Scrub down every kitchen surface or remove any rust that is visible, scrub the walls and floor. Remove things in the room besides furniture and table lamps, get rid of jackets from the racks and make the bathroom clean.

2. Use natural lighting. Avoid putting on all artificial lights in the room, it’s better to wait for daytime to take your photos. Artificial lighting may skew the colour of the rooms be is worst when the bulb in a room is made of different colours. Artificial colours do not also let you capture the paints and furnishing colour accurately.

3. Capture more of the floor. Avoid taking photos of the ceiling more than the floor. The more flooring you capture, the larger the room appears.

4. Get the right equipment for photograph

Choose cameras with crop sensor or a mirror less camera.

Choose a tripod – a tripod is useful when you’re shooting at slower shutter speeds because the slightest camera shake can leave you with blurry shots. Use a tripod to keep your camera in place while you make slight changes in your angle of view and vocal range. Tripod helps you in taking overhead shots too.

5. Choose places to focus on

In choose areas to capture in a house, choose the highlights in of the home.

Living room– Out of the most important places, you should make the living room look homely and spacious.

Kitchen and Dining area– the kitchen area should be spotless and look tidy.

Bedroom– make the bedroom photo to look cozy, bright and inviting. Shoot your shots in a way that shows other highlights of the room.

6. Give your photos a retouch

Take time to go through your best shots, then improve your image further. Make sure that your photo looks professional and natural looking. If you cannot give a professional editing to a photo, you can get the assistance of a photo editing service.



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