10 ways to influence customer satisfaction.

Every business person would want their customers to remain loyal to them or to the business brand. This can be achieved by customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a reflection of how a customer feels after making business transactions with a company.

There are certain factors that keep customer glued to your company, the include:

  1. Responsiveness: Quick response to the demands of the customer as soon possible will create a satisfaction on the part of the customer.
  2. Honesty: avoid deceiving or cheating a customer in business.
  3.  Helpfulness: establish an after sale service to enable you lend a helping hand to your customer when in need.
  4. Quality services
  5. Effective communication
  6. Value proposition
  7. Attentiveness to customers’ complaints
  8. Create a value delivery system: there should be means if conveying customers goods home, especially when it involves heavy goods.
  9. Product satisfaction
  10. Avoid late delivery

Organisations should establish what the expectations of the customers are in order to build better customer satisfaction.

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