Trump takes a dig at Biden in viral campaign video

Trump takes a dig at Biden in viral campaign video

U.S. President Donald Trump has launched a fresh attack against Democratic nominee Joe Biden at a campaign rally in Minden, Nevada on Saturday September 12.

Trump accused his Presidential counterpart of being too indebted both to his party’s left and to China during the campaign.

Speaking in front of the large crowd in Minden, the 45th U.S. president said if Mr Biden is elected, it means victory to China.

“If Biden wins, China wins, it’s as simple as that, if we win America wins,” he said in the video which was released on Twitter yesterday.

He also alleged that he spent the last four years bringing jobs across the country, the way they never had before and promised to do more if re-elected.

Watch the video below:


This is not the first time Trump accused Biden of pledging his allegiance to China. He made similar statement while addressing a large crowd in Freeland three days ago.

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