Justin Bieber Denies Sexually Abusing Two Women As Alleged

Justin Bieber Denies Sexually Abusing Two Women As Alleged

Canadian singer Justin Drew Bieber has issued his first public response to sexual allegations by two different women.

These whole rape allegations first emerged on Twitter on Saturday night after a user named Danielle accused Bieber of rape in 2014 from an anonymous account.

Danielle wrote that she and two friends attended were at an event held by Scooter Braun (Bieber’s manager) at Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden in Austin on March 9, 2014, which featured Bieber performing a few songs.

She claimed that a man then invited her and her friends to meet up with the singer after the event. Danielle alleged that she ended up meeting with Bieber at the Four Seasons Hotel. She claimed that Bieber took her to a separate room at the hotel, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her. Danielle wrote, “He took me to another room. Justin had made me agree to not say anything to anyone, or I could get in serious legal trouble.”

Another woman, named Kadi, a Twitter influner accused Bieber of sexually assaulting her in May of 2015.

Recounting her ordeal she wrote:

“On May 4th 2015 evening, I went to meet and possibly get a picture with Justin just like any other beliebers when he is in New York. From waiting in the evening till early morning of May 5, 2015, in New York City, I met Mikey (Justin’s bodyguard) outside of the hotel. He found me attractive and gave me his phone number without taking mine,” she said.

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Adding on, Kadi revealed that she and Bieber started conversing in French.

“He asked me to come close, I started getting closer and he grabbed my hand and dragged/pulled me over to him… I went to the restroom and he came behind following me and locked the door which was on the left of the bedroom. I asked what’s going on – why did he lock the door. He said, ‘I’ll tell you.’”

Kadi then talked about how upon rejecting Bieber’s physical advances, the singer tried to force himself on her that was when she was able to push and kick him “between his legs and run out to the living room.”

She says that she had to seek mental treatment and attend rehab after the assault.

Reacting to Danielle’s rape allegations, the singer issued a statement on his Twitter account on Sunday night denying the accusations.
Justin Bieber did not only refuted the claims he also shared evidence,
Such as flight tickets and hotel reservations and telephone conversation.

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