6 ways to prevent snakes from getting into the toilet

Snakes are poisonous reptiles that can cause great harm to human especially when they come in positions which may be difficult to kill them.

Lately, the news of snakes getting into people’s toilet have become rampant, so people need to be extra careful in their homes; especially now the we are in dry season making it easy for there reptile to creep around.


Certain preventive measures can be taken to prevent snakes from entering the toilet.


1. Clean the house if rat infestation or other little rodents. Snakes mostly seek for these rodents which it uses as food, so when the house is free of rats, the house will be free from snakes too.

2. Clear all bushes around your surroundings. Snakes are prone to hid in bushes where they can easily creep out to enter toilets. When there is no possible hiding place for snakes,they will be far from entering the toilet.

3. Cover septic tanks very well. Open or uncovered septic tanks are very easy ways for snakes to get into the toilet through the septic tank. Get the service of a plumber to cover open septic tanks.

4. Seal up all cracks around the toilet or home. As slimy as snakes are, they can get in through holes easily.

5. Always close toilet windows tight to keep snakes from entering the toilet and also keep the toilet door tightly closed do that snakes cannot get to the house even if the happen to get into the toilet.

6. Cover your toilet lid properly. This will prevent snakes from getting into the house through the toilet seats.


Even after keeping these preventive measures, always keep a check on the toilet seat before you sit. Also, avoid using the toilet in the dark.

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