Dr.Funmilayo: During Her 4 Months Stay With Me, Bola Emotionally And Sexually Abused Me In My Own House


Dr. Funmilayo reveals  he did not rape Bola or sexually assault her in any way.

Earlier on Monday, a UK-based Nigerian medical doctor/Twitter influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo Harvey was dragged on twitter for alleged sexual misconduct by a lady who who identified herself as Bola Liz Aseyan.
But she didn’t give evidence in regards to that.
Hours later, Dr. Olufunmilayo Harvey has now responded to the rape accusations levelled against him.
Doctor says the accusations are false and he will go to any length to ensure he gets Justice.
According to Dr. Funmilayo,  He did not rape Bola or sexually assault her in any way.
They met on Twitter last year November and got talking.
He further revealed that Bola insisted on coming to the UK to visit, for reasons best known to her, as her Visa was initially not granted.
The first visa application fully funded by Dr. Funmi failed.IMG_20200630_053346_282
He tried to dissuade her from reapplying but she did and funded it herself.
He offered her accommodation and feeding for 4 months.
During her 4 months stay in the UK, they both had sex twice and it was on consensual ground.
According to Olufunmilayo, the first time they had sex, they were both drunk and was under the influence of alcohol, of which they both regret. only for her to tell him the next day she didn’t give her consent to the sex they had.
But later Olufunmilayo called her to ask her if she was implying that he raped her and she said no.
Because of this singular act, the doctor decided that he will not have anything to do with her ever again.IMG_20200630_052840_846
But she wouldn’t let him be, she kept pushing and pushing until they both had sex again for the second time.
According to Olufunmilayo, Bola was a bad guest. Very untidy, rude, and always tried to seduce him into having sex. Sometimes coming into his room completely naked.
She harassed him in his own house severally.
A certain James who was living with him then can attest to all his claims.
She threatened him severally to leave his house, to which he pleaded for her safety considering the pandemic.
While staying with him, he never for once asked her to pay for the food she ate, WiFi and other consumables she used.
 After several fights, One of which included her accusing him of slandering her business with his twitter thread on bleaching, he came home to fight out she had moved out.
Later the doctor stumbled on a used pregnancy test kit in the room she vacated from. (He kept that for evidence).
It was then that the doctor realized that her coming to the UK was deliberate,  with the intent of getting pregnant so that he would marry her.In the four months she emotionally and sexually abused him in his own house.
In summary;
Olufunmilayo stands on his ground that he did not abuse her physically or sexually.
He has witnesses (his friends and hers), he has chat receipts as well as other evidences to back up his claims
He apologizes to all those who feel disappointed by the whole saga.
Lastly, legal steps shall be taken. He assures us it’s not going to be the regular twitter banter. Judgement will be served.
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Twitter Users was shocked to find out that after accusing the doctor of rape, Bola deleted some of her old tweets to suit her claims.

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