A Two-Year-Old Girl Was Raped While In Coronavirus Isolation Center

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A two-year-old South African girl was allegedly violated while in a coronavirus isolation center at Pretoria’s Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in South Africa.

According to South African online news publication News24, the toddler developed symptoms of coronavirus and was struggling to breathe, out of fears that she might have contracted Covid-19, the family made arrangements and sent her to one of the disease control center so that she could get tested.

While at the isolation center, the mother was Allegedly sent home while the toddler was admitted at the isolation/ testing ground.

Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, where the 2-year-old little girl isolated

Hours later, the mother was reportedly invited  because her two year old girl had been crying non-stop.

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The mother dashed to the clinic, and on getting there she noticed that her little has not being “herself” and was struggling to walk.

“Even when I persisted, she would come to me, but you could see she was struggling to walk. She would cry. I saw that there was something wrong with the child the mother said, according South African news agency.

Afterwards, when the mother tried changing the nappy, she discovered some white fluid on her private parts. She initially thought it was medication as the child came from the hospital.

But the same thing happened the following day when they returned to see her, that same whitish fluid was still coming out from her private part, and she was crying and at the same time she  was struggling to walk, it was then that the mother noticed that her little girl has been raped.

The local authorities have confirmed they’re investigating the circumstances surrounding the rape after the family filed a report claiming that their “child was sexually abused while in isolation at the hospital”.

Please say no to rape!

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