Lionel Messi gets awarded as 2020 Champion for Peace

When everyone thought Lionel Messi was going to end the year 2020 without an individual sports award, the Argentine superstar has somehow managed to lay his hands on something.

The 33-year-old forward recently took to social media to celebrate an award given to him by Peace and Sport as Champion for Peace of the Year 2020.

He wrote via Instagram:

“It is an honor to receive this Champion for Peace of the Year Award 2020 recognition for fair play on the court and for what I was able to contribute outside of it. Thanks to @peaceandsport for this nice award! /// I am truly honored to be recognized as a fair player and for my social commitment with the Champion for Peace of the Year Award 2020. Thank you to @peaceandsport for this beautiful acknowledgment!”

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Peace and Sport is an international organization that uses sport as a tool for peace. Messi was awarded a peace champion probably because of the role he played to ensure there is peace in the Nou Camp when rumour of his departure tried to create a division.

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