Health benefits of running.

Running is a high-impact exercise that strengthens the bones and muscles. It is a complete workout that builds endurance and stamina.

Running at times could be for fun but actually it has benefits to the health.

  • Running helps burn calories; A 30 minutes rub is guaranteed to burn between 200-300 calories.
  • Improves your sleep- a shorter run will give you a better sleep than no running at all.
  • Running gives e a defined muscles, clearer and healthier skin.
  • Elongates life expectancy: running helps in improved circulation, lower BP, lower stress hormones and consistency to better life.
  • Running helps to burn fat: A 15-30 minutes run will activate your metabolism and burn some fat during the exercise.
  • Keeps the mind healthy- running helps in the release of the hormones called endorphins that help lift your spirit and make you feel positive about yourself.
  • Running lowers the risk of developing neurological disea like Alzheimer’s Parkinson disease.
  • Lowers risk of developing breast cancer by 20%.
  • Lowers risk of developing osteoporosis by maintaining the strength of your bones.
  • Prevents eye diseases such as glaucoma. You can reduce your risk of developing it by 25% of running.
  • Lowers your risk of dementia and stroke as the brain circulation is kept healthy.
  • By maintaining weight through running , you can lower the endometrial cancer in women.

Running may not be an everyday event but a 3-5 days a week of running can go a long way.

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