Video: Watch the moment when a boy got his teammates confused with an unknown football skills


The lovely game of football requires a variety of skills that can be learned and mastered with training and practice.

Some of the best footballers in the world are mostly remembered not only by their records but their trademark football skills.

You may have seen several football skills by some of the best professional footballers in the world, past and present, but I bet you are yet to see a hilarious street football skill.

As I scanned through the internet this morning, I came across a video of talented young guys playing street football in probably a country like Nigeria.

A very crazy boy suddenly took the ball under his shirt and monkeyed it towards an opposing teammate. While they were still lost in suprise, he heightened the confusion by dancing with the ball and immediately sending it goalwards.

Watch the video below:

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Name this skill 😂 @nao_ta_bom

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For the rest of the world, this might be an unknown football skill, but for a typical Nigerian street footballer, it is nothing new.

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