Players’ names will not be written on Premier League shirts for the next 12 games

black lives matter in premier league

It has been confirmed that English Premier League footballers will no longer wear shirts featuring their names for the first 12 games of the restarted season.

Their names will be replaced by the slogan “Black Lives Matter” in support of the protest about the death of George Floyd and police brutality against black lives.

The decision was agreed in one of the several initiatives by the 20 premier league clubs at a meeting on Thursday.

Part of their statement reads:

“We, the players, stand together with the singular objective of eradicating racial prejudice.”

They also pledged to support any player who chooses to ‘take a knee’ before or during matches.

This is contrary to what happened in Germany where Four players, including Borussia Dortmund’s forward Jadon Sancho, were initially investigated by the Bundesliga authorities for making gestures of solidarity in support for anti-racism demonstrations.

However, none of the players got punished and the German FA said it would continue to allow such displays of support over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the EPL will resume behind closed doors on 17th June 2020

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