Mallorca coach recalls what happened the last time he provoked Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi arguing with Mallorca coach

Real Mallorca will welcome Barcelona tonight in their first LaLia game since the season was suspended in March.

However, their coach Vicente Moreno is wary of Barcelona captain Lionel Messi and has said he will be very careful not to upset the Argentine star again.

The coach recalled what happened the last time he had a clash with Lionel Messi back in December 2019, when the two teams last met in La Liga.

The two engaged in a heated argument on the touchline during the match and Leo got so angry that he almost destroyed Mallorca by grabbing a hat-trick in the game which Barca won 5-2.

Recently in a YouTube chat with Edu Pino, Moreno disclosed what transpired between him and Messi.

He said:

“My players told me after the game that I had been the culprit for the defeat because I had angered Messi.”

“He was angry and, in the tunnel at the break, he told me they were going to score seven and he told Luis Suarez that they had to score seven.

“They did not manage to do it, but he scored three. He is the best player in the world.

“Look at his genius, his character and his rage wanting to win and what happened gives it more value. This time I will not get into fights. It’s no good for me.”

Moreno | Source

Meanwhile, Messi as fit as fiddle for tonight’s match at Son Moix, who knows if he is still angry?

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