Arturo Vidal could get sanctioned after an inebriate video of him went viral

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal might get sanctioned by Barcelona after a viral video of his hopelessly drunk self made waves on social media.

With the 2019-20 La Liga season done and dusted, Barcelona players were told to take a short rest before returning to Camp Nou.

Chilean midfielder, Arturo Vidal reportedly went to spend some time off in Ibiza with his family.

The 33-year-old midfielder inadvertently decided to engage his fans on an Instagram Live session, probably after having a wild party during the holiday.

His followers immediately joined the session to send their best wishes to Vidal, but subsequently noticed that the player wasn’t capable of putting his words together.

He was not answering any comments, since he apparently did not know he was broadcasting.

Watch a short clip of Vidal’s Instagram Live session below:

Many have interpreted it to be a sign of inebriation. Although Vidal did not skip Barcelona’s first training session on Tuesday, but his reckless behaviour could force the club to execute disciplinary measures against him.

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