Ayesha Malik becomes first woman Supreme Court Judge in Pakistan (photos)

Ayesha Malik becomes first woman Supreme Court Judge in Pakistan (photos)

Ayesha Malik now sits on the bench alongside 16 male colleagues at Pakistan’s Highest Court.


The 55-year-old Judge was appointed as the first woman Supreme Court Judge in Pakistan on 6 January 2022 and was sworn in on 24 January 2022.

The oath-taking was administered by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, amidst the presence of a large number of high court Judges, Attorney generals, Lawyers, and officials of the Law.

She has served as a High Court Judge in the Pakistan Eastern City of Lahore for over 20 years now.

Many believe that Malik’s position as a Judge will be a pathfinder for more women to get into the male-dominated judiciary of the Islamic Republic.

Pakistan Prime Minister, Iman Khan congratulates her and sees it as a ‘history in the making for Pakistan Judiciary.’

Before becoming a Judge of the Supreme Court, her appointment has been controversial for the past four months. Early this month, the Pakistan Bar council staged a strike against Malik’s nomination.

Even with these hurdles, Malik still pulled through.

One of her highlights as a Judge was declaring the Virginity test of examination of sexual assault, ‘illegal and against the constitution of Pakistan’ back in June 2021.

Ayesha Malik was formerly the Judge, Lahore High Court before moving to be a Supreme Court Judge.

Malik was educated at Pakistan College of Law where she studied Law and Harvard Law School for her LLM.



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