Ultimate guide on how to identify a baddie

Ultimate guide on how to identify a baddie

Baddie can be used to address a girl who is always slating and on fleek. It I used to describe a sexy, confident woman who also, isn’t ashamed to show off her sexiness too.

Below is an ultimate guide on how to identify a baddie:

1. Tattoos And Piercings: Tattoos are seen as a normal thing to get by baddies. Tattoos on the waist, breasts, ankles, thighs or shoulder are a good feature of a baddie. Multiple piercings on the ear, nose, nipple, eyelid, tongue are also essential features.

2. Wearing Less Cloth And Going Out More: A baddie wears less cloth and is always confident of herself. She also goes out more, be it either with friends or dates.

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3. Waist Beads And Anklets: Jewelries like waist beads and anklets are some exotic spice to the baddie cocktail.

4. Nicely Done Nails: A baddie always has her nails done. Nice long talons everytime and not cheap tacky nails.

5. Laid Edges: Baddies always have their edges laid with their soft wigs.

6. Make-up: Make-up crowns off every baddie going out. Baddies always wear make-up that pop and hit the light just right.

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