Man Reveals What A Lady Did To Him After They Both Exchanged Sex Videos (Screenshot)

A heartbroken man has taken to social media to lament how he is being blackmailed by a lady whom he exchanged his sex video with.

According to the man who whose twitter identity is Samuel, he met the said lady on twitter and after exchanging sex video with her and promising to delete it afterwards, she is now using the video to extort money from him.

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To the extent that he has to sell offf his valuables to pay her for her silence, but is still not enough, because a blackmailer will always remain a blackmailer.

Read his story below:

A twitter influencer and I exchanged our sex videos, I sent her a video of me masturbating because I trusted her enough, she also sent me hers, I deleted hers after watching but she did not delete mine and she has been using the video to extort money from me.

She has extorted over 400k from me. I had to sell two of my laptops, she has wrecked my bank account. And to think she is even a feminist, feminist are men haters.

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Wisdom Iwu

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