He Told Me He Loved Me, He Told Me He Would Marry Me. Now He Says He Can’t Leave His Wife – 18-Year-Old Girl Cries Out

He Told Me He Loved Me, He Told Me He Would Marry Me. Now He Says He Can’t Leave His Wife – 18-Year-Old Girl Cries Out

beauty girl cry

He Told Me He Loved Me, He Told Me He Would Marry Me. Now He Says He Can’t Leave His Wife – 18-Year-Old Girl Cries Out

I wish you could see me today so you would know and feel the impact of what Jato has done to me and how he has destroyed my life.

I am only 20 years old and do not deserve the kind of pains Jato has inflicted on me for the past two years of my life. I am way too young for this. Jato should have just let me be. He should have left me alone to manage my life the way I was before he came into my life with tons of promises and today, he is leaving me in ruins.

Whatever happens, I have promised myself that I am going to be the last girl Jato is going to play like lotto for his own enjoyment. After me, he is going to run the next time a woman as much as bats an eyelid at him.

I met Jato two years ago at the hotel I and my friends had gone to celebrate my 18th year birthday.

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In my area at Okokomaiko, turning 18 was a big deal. It was the signal for freedom and all of us, girls, looked forward to that period. My area was filled with older people who made it a duty to always watch what every young person was doing. So turning 18 meant I was free to go to anywhere I wanted and do whatever I wanted without anybody stopping me.

So my friends and I organized a party to mark my 18th birthday and it was while we were at the pool swimming that I noticed this handsome man seated at the poolside bar alone and staring at me. He stared at me so much that it was clear he wanted me to notice him. I tried my best to ignore him but it was near impossible to do so.

Soon, my friends noticed him staring at me and started making fun of me about it. Don’t get it twisted; I was not a virgin at this time. I had lost it to a senior in secondary school when I was fifteen and in SS2. But after him, no other man had touched me.

Well, while we were seated at the pool side bar and about to cut my cake and start on our small chops and all, the bar attendant came to us with some bottles of wine, a bottle of champagne, four large plates of well prepared fish and a large plate containing full chicken and some bottles of soft drinks.

We were surprised because we didn’t order for them. Well, the man staring at me at the poolside bar, Jato, as he would later introduce himself to me, had ordered them for us.

We were still contemplating on what to do with the whole food when he walked up to our table and smiled at only me before extending his hand for a shake. I remember I felt shy all of a sudden staring closely into his eyes because he was very handsome and had a smooth feel to his hand. This was a classy man and even then, I could feel the envy and jealousy in my friends’ eyes.

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Jato had just introduced himself that day and wished me a happy birthday before he turned and left. He just left without asking for my contact or dropping his! He didn’t even give me a chance to introduce myself or anything.

I must confess I couldn’t stop thinking about him for several days after my party. As a matter of fact, I went to the hotel three times in the hope I would get to see him again. Truthfully, the whole thing bothered me seriously as I really wanted to meet him again.

One day, about two months after my birthday and just when I was already starting to forget about the whole incident, I was inside our house and watching a movie when my seven year old brother rushed in from outside to tell me that one uncle wanted to see me. I noticed he was very much excited as he stood before me and spoke. When I asked him who the uncle was, he said he didn’t know but the uncle dashed him five hundred naira to come and get me. Before I could say anything to that, he rushed outside and I stepped outside to find Jato standing outside beside his car with a smile on his face.

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He looked even more handsome than the first day I had seen him and I must have melted inside of me right there and then. But how did he find me and where I lived?

Jato took me to another hotel and we ate lunch. He told me that he had already spoken with the bar attendant who knew me and where I lived and he had given him my address before he left the hotel that day. He had traveled on business the next day and had just returned. As a matter of fact, he had come straight from the airport to see me.

I asked him why he wanted to see me and he had gone straight to the point. I would never forget the way he had smiled, taken my hands in his and spoke into my soul.

“I am in love with you, Deborah”.

I have been told I love you by many boys ever since I became a teenager. I never believed or trusted any of them. But there was something about the way Jato said it that got into my soul and made me believe him. And that was it; we started an affair there and then. Yes, we had sex the same day. I fell in love with Jato that day.

At no time or point that day did Jato mention he was married. He only told me he was 36 years old and I didn’t bother asking him anything about whether he was married or not because he was not wearing a ring!

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It was not until I got pregnant for him the first time, eight months into our relationship that Jato told me I couldn’t keep it because he was married and he couldn’t have keep two homes at that time.

I was broken. Hurt. Pained.

I had already started building a future together with Jato from day one based on the promises he had made to me; promises that always connected us to a future together.

He Told Me He Loved Me, He Told Me He Would Marry Me. Now He Says He Can’t Leave His Wife – 18-Year-Old Girl Cries Out
beauty girl cry

Asides from the promises, Jato took good care of me. Within the first three months of dating him, he bought me a lot of things and made sure my bank account was always loaded.

So why should anyone blame me for thinking and planning a future with him? Even though he never took me to where he lived, I was not bothered. Here I was, just eighteen and already in dreamland enjoying what many ladies older than me could only dream of. I didn’t bother myself with not knowing his house or where he worked or anything about him.

I did not worry myself about the fact that he always met me in different hotels where we had sex.

The only error I committed was loving him. And that love made me commit four abortions in two years for Jato!

Each time, he would promise me he was going to leave his wife for me and I believed him.

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The bubble cleared across my face after the fourth abortion. I was still in the hospital where Jato had taken me to when he came to meet me and told me he had transferred the sum of five hundred thousand naira into my account.

I asked him why and he said he just wanted me to use it and take care of myself. He sounded aloof and indifferent; like he wanted to leave my presence right away and that was just what he did.

I woke up from sleep later that day and he was nowhere to be found.

That is the last time I set my eyes on Jato, if that is his real name.

I am out of the hospital now and back home. But I am hurting and in pain emotionally.

In two years, Jato tricked and deceived me.

I haven’t seen him in three months now and he must think he had played a fast one on me and escaped. Truth is, he cannot escape. Not in this era of social media.

I have pictures of us together and in many compromising positions.

I can destroy him and I will do so if he doesn’t come out of the shadows to make the promises he made to me true.

So this is a massage to Jato; I am giving you 7 days to contact me and make your promise to marry me a reality or I am going to go public with your pictures and make sure the whole world gets to know how you lied to a young girl and played her.

I am ready to destroy your life!

You hold the button to make that happen!

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