G-strings: 3 risks of wearing them regularly

G-strings: 3 risks of wearing them regularly

Wearing G-strings or thongs isn’t bad, but there are some surprising health effects that comes with wearing them regularly.

Although some women may find them to be the most uncomfortable underwear, some prefer wearing them instead.

Here are 3 risks of wearing G-strings or thongs regularly:

1. Vaginal infections: Things irritate the vagina and doesn’t give it enough air space. It irritates and inflame the area around the Bartholdi’s gland, which produce lubricant during sexual intercourse.

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2. Yeast infections: Research has shown that G-strings have the capacity of increasing one’s chances of getting yeast infection because of the extra moisture built up from the tight fit.

3. Reactions of the skin: Chafed skin occurs when the thing rubs on the sensitivity of the skin. It can get infected and become very painful if not noticed and treated early. The clitoris can also become irritated from the friction of the thong.

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