5 interesting fun facts about Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are man’s closest primate relation even closer than Gorillas.
Humans share up to 96 – 99 percent of DNA with them – We tend to be more related to Chimpanzees than Gorillas as our DNA has a striking resemblance.


See fun facts about Chimpanzees:

1. Their sex life 

The male chimpanzees pay the female ones to have sex with them. It could be food or anything that entices them. If the female chimpanzee refuses, the Male beats her and rapes her. If she has younger ones, he might kill them so she has no one to care for again and then will need to mate.

2.They are extremely intelligent and is good in communication like human language

The Chimpanzees are smart and are good in communication especially sign language. They are also known to solve pictorial puzzle.

3.They are aggressive and unpredictable

Chimpanzees fight dirty. Sometimes in the fight for supremacy, they tear out the testicles of their fellow chimpanzee. They also kill other smaller animals like monkeys or small antelope even though they are omnivorous.

4. Female chimpanzees gives birth once in every five years 

They have close filial relationship with their infant who stay very close to their mothers until after 3 – 5 years

5.Chimpanzees cannot swim 

They can’t swim and when you’re being attacked by one, the best thing to do is to enter into water.

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