Natural foods that help in weight loss.

In loosing weight, there should be lowering of carbohydrate, increased intake in protein and in fiber.

Fibrous foods are often naturally lower in calories, and aid in regulating blood sugar levels. The work against abdominal fat depots.

Natural foods that help in weight loss include;

  • Irish potatoes: high in carbohydrate yet one of the foods that aid in weight reduction. Still eating it makes you full fill as meals.
  • Plantain: plantain contains resistant starch which does not add much weight to the body. It can be eaten boiled, roasted or fried.
  • Sweet potatoes: The also contain resistant starch. The give nutritional support to the body; vitamin A, C, calcium, iron, potassium, low in calories and have dietary fibre.
  • Salmon fish: it aid in Weight loss with its mono unsaturated acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid, and also decreases belly fat within a short time.
  • Eggs: eggs are packed with protein, which helps curb appetite , the also aid in keeping metabolism running.
  • Oranges: orange is low in calories, the can be satisfying as a meal and contains antioxidants.
  • Banana: Bananas contain potassium, resistant starch and serves as an excellent weight loss.
  • Avacado: rich in nutrient, mineral, fibre, vitamin and high in mono unsaturated fat. It helps in shrinking belly fat too.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon contain twice as much potasium as bananas, contain low calorie, high antioxidants and removes excess fluid from the body .

No single food can make you lose belly fat or weight on its one rather the appropriate taking of certain foods can help in reducing it .

Reduce intake of processes foods high iby sodium and other sugary items.



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