You’re a snake, stop pretending – Erica tells Laycon

Reality TV star Erica Nlewedim has advised her colleague Laycon to be true to himself and stop pretending in front of the camera.

Erica once had a clash with Laycon during their days in the big brother’s house which led to her abrupt disqualification from the house. It seems both celebrities are not yet in good terms with each other after that incidence.

While trying to explain the reason behind her feud with Laycon, Erica said the music star is not true to himself and only pretends to be a saint in front of the camera, just to gain public sympathy.

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She described Laycon as a “snake” who always tries to attract pity from people to himself:

“You don’t like me and I don’t like you, stop pretending because you are not a saint” Erica told Laycon.

The beautiful actress also recounted that Laycon once mentioned her name in one of his media tour and tried sending her “a friendly” message to appear genuine before everyone, but in reality, that never actually happened.

According to her, Laycon has her number but never for once did he try reaching out to her.

Watch the video below:

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