When you help the needy, keep the cameras off- Instagram user lashes at Moyo Lawal

An Instagram user identified as @Ozyomaa took to Moyo Lawal’s Instagram post to lash out at Moyo for making her charity work public.


Moyo in her birthday celebration mood went into the streets to feed people, according to her post, “The street now is very hungry…like it has always been bad but this year was so though.”

Moyo in her post also reacted to being charged 200,000 thousand Naira to feed the crowd in the first place she went to and how someone stole sack of shoes meant for several people in the second place.

According to her post, her whole body aches from pulling, probing and poking from kids. Still she saw the act as rewarding.

you always gain by giving love – she said.

Moyo Lawal’s post attracted the comments of Instagram users who encouraged her, however, @Ozyomaa decided to keep it different as she tells her to keep it off the camera.

but when you help people, keep the camera’s off next time…acts of humanity is between you and God.


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