I am So Lonely, They Left Me Alone In Room – Omotola Cries Out


I am so lonely… they left me alone in room.

If there is anybody that had told the Nollywood actress Omotola Jalada Ekeinde a.k.a. (Omo Sexy) that there will be a time in her life when she will be very sick and there would be absolutely no body to be  beside her to comfort her, she wouldn’t have believe the person, she might even go as far as filing a lawsuit against the person and have them arrested.

Unfortunately for her That’s what is currently happening to her at the moment.

On Saturday, the award winning actress shocked her fans when she revealed that she had contracted Coronavirus, the deadly virus that has crippled the economy all the country of the world.

She has since self isolated her self in one of the rooms in her house while she recuperate.

On Monday night, Omo sexy lamented that she has been very lonely ever since she tested positive for the deadly virus.

She posted a funny video on her Instagram page, in the video, the video shows the moment a very weird patient was acting very strange and when one of the nurses sighted the patient, she took to her heels.

Me and everyone in my home right now, she captioned the video.

Taking to the comment section, she said;

Lonely … I am so lonely… they left me alone in room uuuu

o….Lonely … singing

I am so lonely... they left me alone in room

As usual her comments section was flooded with well wishers trying to console her.

While others are trying to make her feel good One fan joked;

How you choose to find humor is all really 😂

you shall overcome 😂

She replied;

Ah. If covid doesn’t kill me, will I come and kill myself? I’m lonely oh… I’ll start visiting your homes oh…she joked.


We wish her quick recovery, get well soon Nollywood queen of Also Rock.

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