Why are Easterners not in most public service, when they are getting the best grades – Aisha Yesufu

Nigerian socio-political activist and co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement, Aisha Yesufu has taken to social media to question why the Eastern people of Nigerian are mostly ignored in public service despite their academic prowess.

It’s a well established fact that many universities in Nigeria may require higher grades for people from South Eastern part of the country to get admission into some study programs of their institutions.

Aisha, in one of her recent videos on Twitter expressed great suprise as to why the Easterners who are expected to be the best in academics aren’t occupying most positions in public service.

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“The people from the Eastern part of the country are expected to get the highest cut off marks, why are they not the most in public service?” She asked.

Watch video below:


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