8 Effective tips to becoming a better writer

Becoming a better writer is not as difficult as it may look though it will require a little effort from your side.

Some people write just for fun while others are making a lot of money from Writing. Whether you write for fun or for money the goal is for you to become a better writer.

People who come across what you have written should be able to understand your writing without hard thinking.

One thing you should avoid towards becoming a better writer is trying to write the exact way another person writes.

Write in your own unique way, tweak your writing to your style.


See effective tips to becoming a better writer:

1. Read!

There is no writer who is not a reader. If you are not an avid reader, it may become difficult for you to write well.

Reading helps you to enhance your Writing skill because you gain knowledge from different writers and learn from them through reading their books.


2. Write in short paragraphs

This is important especially if you are a newbie in writing. Writing in short paragraphs helps you to remain in track. It keeps your ideas in check.


3. Use stories in writing

People tend to relate more when reading stories, especially when it is personal stories. Stories in writing help keep your readers intrigued.


4. Avoid the temptation of editing while writing.

In the journey of becoming a better writer, don’t edit your work while you are still writing. It makes you concious of mistake and slows down your writing. Just keep writing and edit when you are done with all everything.


5. Write consistently

If you must become a better writer, you must never stop writing. Write everyday especially if you are just starting out in the writing world.

There is a law in writing called the law of 21. Where you write consistently for 21 days, try this out and watch your Writing prowess improve.


6. Write in clear and simple words

Some writers think that when they write in jargons and word that are hard to understand then they are good writers but this is wrong.

If people struggle to understand your piece of writing, the you are a bad writer.

Always keep is simple and clear.


7. Take up writing courses

There are a lot of Writing courses online where you can learn from. These courses will help you to improve your writing skills.


8. Join a writing community

Joining a writing community will Sharpen your writing skills.

This will help for accountability sake. It keeps you going because you will meet other writers who may even be better than you are and people like that will spur you to write more.

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