12 educational apps that makes learning easier

Educational apps are software that is designed to help individuals with learning.

These apps make it easier to learn from your comfort zone.

Using your smartphone, you have a valuable tool for learning and upgrading your skill. In today’s world, your android phone can help you source resources that can help you to educate yourself.

Examples of these tools are:

1. Math tricks– This app helps you to learn interesting mathematical tricks and help your calculations skills.

2. Mathway– Mathway is an app that helps you to solve problems. It has the features of algebra, base maths, trigonometry, calculus and statistics.

3. Coursera– This app has over 10 million students over the world who are connected with over 140 best professors from the best schools in the world. It is the world largest massive open online course.

4. Complete Biology– It covers about 35 important topics in biology, it gives possible exam questions, biology practicals and a dictionary.

5.  Duolingo– It is a tool for language learning. It makes learning engaging. You can learn about English, Spanish, French, German, Italy, Portuguese and other languages.

6. Goconqr– This app views, plays and discover mind maps, flashcards and quiz and notes that help you learn faster.

7. Google classroom– It encourages collaboration between students and teachers. Teachers can create class tests and give assignments that the student can do on the spot or submit later.

8. Nearpod– It allows teachers to create digital lessons plans and share them with students who learn at their own pace.

9. Wolfram alpha– This app covers subjects that ranees from maths to biology, chemistry, physics, geography and even more. It delivers specific answers calculated from the data gathered from all the information related to your questions.

10. Piazza– Piazza is an educational app that engages the students and promotes answers, class maths and quiz in a secured location. It gives answers fast.

11. Google earth– It displays geographic data from a wide variety of sources. It can make inferences by comparing familiar places to other locations and can be used to find familiar locations.

12. Memrise– Memrise- helps users expand their vocabulary by using teaching them how to use English effectively.


Educational apps are not limited to these listed above, other apps cover different aspects.

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