6 necessary tips for catfish farming in Nigeria

Catfish farming in Nigeria can be a bit challenging but can be lucrative when it is done in the ye right way.

Catfish is one of the most enjoyable varieties of fish eaten in Nigeria. It can be taken as catfish pepper soup or barbeque fish.
Catfish is chosen over other fishes for rearing because it is one of the most suitable fishes that do well and it’s easier to survive even in warm climate.

To do well in catfish farming, you need to have the basic knowledge of some things that concerning catfish farming, they include:

1. Getting the necessary facilities
As compared to other businesses, there is no bhsiness that is not done with equipment, even online business requires that you will need at least a mobile phone and data.

The necessary facilities that will be needed in catfish farming include:

Space/land : you need to find a suitable space for your fish farming, buy or rent a land. Check for the environment to know how competitive it could be.

Fish pond: consider the size and depth of fish pond to ack our overcrowding of fish or fish escaping the pond due to shallowness of the pond. Also, look out for the stability and thickness of the pipe for water in flow and out flow.


2. Start on a smaller scale
It is best to start catfish farming in a smaller scale than in a larger scale. This will help you to manage the Business effectively and easily and you will not be exposed to so much risk.
Starting small will help you to learn and expand after you must have acquired the business tricks. Starting small also gives you the opportunity to start catfish farming on a small capital.

3. Get well versed in catfish farming

You can achieve this by going to learn from catfish farmers. This will make you to avoid making unnecessary mistakes in your catfish farming.

4. Catfish feeding

Know the type of catfish feed that will enhance growth. Every catfish farmers is recommended to feed the catfish on a daily basis especially during the early stage of the catfish until the pass the first 4 months.

5. Water quality:

Try to maintain a healthy pond environment, because it is easier and cheaper to manage a safe environment than to manage a disease outbreak among the fish. Catfish do better in a good water quality.

6. Choose the right specie

Choosing the right catfish specie will help in the growth of the catfish. Very choosing which specie to use, make necessary research which will include knowing what kind of catfish the market around you needs. Also, know the catfish specie that will be good on freshwater or saltwater.
The specie chosen will also determine the size of your fish pond.


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